the most experienced
dojo in rockford
is the Rockford Karate Club, it is a school, a club that is Non-Profit, we are the only club that has no contract, making learning shoto-kan affordable to anyone.  For the many of the thousands of students we have had in the Rockfordland area it is the safe place, one where you can go to learn not just how to defend yourself, but learn "the Way"  that will be with you the rest of your life, no matter what happens you will always know that you have friends, companions and fellow students that have traveled down the same path you have. 

There is a reason that law officers from around the stateline area have come to study under Sensi John Allen.   He is very, very good, there is no one more experienced.

about Sensei John Allen
Sensei John Allen has taken karate to its highest level — that of a true art form and a labor of love. His students achieve through education and repetition, and with hard work, they learn dedication and discipline and earn loyalties and friendships.
Karate itself has been Americanized, and is now, perhaps, softer in its approach. Degrees are often bought at chain schools where they want to make sure you don’t lose interest. The days of spending hours in a dojo every day have passed for the most part, replaced by busy schedules and work demands.
That’s not the path taken by Allen, founder of the Rockford Karate Club. The karate path for John Allen began 50 years ago in the simplest of ways — he started karate because he was getting beaten up by his best friend in high school.(Read the rest here)
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Rockford Karate Club announces it's become members of the Independent Traditional Karate Organization.

The Independent Traditional Karate Organization founded to provide the opportunity for karate practitioners to network and train in a non-political environment while maintaining individual schools autonomy, promoting the ideals of the dojo kun, and furthering the growth of Shotokan Karate.